Lay down here, beside me in the shallow water; Beside me where the sun is shining on us still.


Pieces of Cher [1/4]

Imagine if tomorrow this all went. What would I do? Sometimes it can get really difficult, because sometimes I feel like I’m in this bubble. The saddest part is that I don’t actually want this bubble to pop. ‘Cause the minute that that bubble pops, is when it’s all over. So, from that moment I opened my eyes, I realized that I’m never ever going to take any of this for granted. 

Cher Lloyd album and CD art (2011-2014)

"Good morning (: giving my hair a break from extensions. AHHHH feels good!!!"

Cher Lloyd

↳ favorite outfits (pt.1)

Cher Lloyd arrives at FOX’s 2014 Teen Choice Awards Blue Carpet